Hobbies and Sports

Collision Team Sports, such as American football,rugby and lacrosse,all involve high-impact blow to the body,which can cause serious injuries.

Net-based Sports, the frequent jumping and landing involved in net-based sports put a great deal of stress on the hips,knees and ankles.

Bat- and Club-based Sports, such as baseball,cricket and golf,put a lot of stress on the upper limbs,particularly the shoulders,elbows and hands.

Racket-based Sports, such as babminton,squash and tennis,require excellent endurance of both the cardiovascular and muscuar system.

Running, the strain placed on the lower limbs by running means that short ; middle ; and long distance runners,frequently suffer injury.

Combat Sports,  boxing,judo and karate make tough demands on the body; training is intense and participation requires good all-round fitness.

Board-based Sports, such as snowboarding ,windsurfing and kitesurfing require balance,core strength and stability of the knees,hips and ankles.

Equestrian Sports, the speed at which such as horseriding, show-jumping and polo are played means that the risk of serious injury is high.

Extreme Sports, such as rockclimbing, parkour and skydiving exert joints and muscles throughout the body and carry high risk of falls.



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Anatomy of a Aches and Pains 

Muscles are tissues that can be contracted to produce force and create motion. The sceletal muscle,which is attached to and covers the sceleton,is 

               prone to being strained or pulled.

Bones protect your internal organs and are connected together by ligaments to form the skeleton. Bone fractures and breakages often damage 

            surraunding soft tissue.

Joints are capsules-made of cartilade,bursae,ligaments and tendons-that hold together two or more bones and facilitate movement.

Cartilage worn or torn cartilage is a common side effect of joint injuries and is commonly caused by trauma.

Burae are small sacs of fluid that reduce friction within some joints. 

Bursitis is inflammation due to overuse or infection.

Ligaments providing stability within joints and limiting movement of the limbs. An overstretched or torn ligament is known as a sprain.

Tendons help produce movement by enabling force to be exerted on the bones. 

Tendinopathy is pain caused by overuse or repetitive motion.


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Stretching and Flexibility 
is commonly described as the range of movement, or motion,around a particular joint or set of joints. Tight ,stiff muscles limit our
normal range of movement. I some cases ,lack of flexibility can be a major contributing factor to muscle and joint pain.
as it relates to physical health and fitness ,is the process of placing particular parts of the body into a position that will lengthen the muscles and associated soft tissue. 

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